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♥♥♥ Jebor Rivera's Hot Picks for Miss barbie Universe 2014 ♥♥♥

♥♥♥ Jebor Rivera's Hot Picks for Miss barbie Universe 2014 ♥♥♥
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Hello everyone! This is Chanel Vogueskova, Miss Barbie Universe 2013 reporting live from Pattaya, Thailand!!! – Charing keme! Hahahaha!!! ♥♥♥

It’s Miss Barbie Universe season again, and I know lots of you are waiting and excited of who is going to be this year’s winner but before that let us all see the potential ladies who can give a big fight for the crown.

This week the battle started with the Headshots, and I must say there are lots of stunning girls/ front runners in this year’s batch.

Here are my thoughts about the first round of competition – the Headshots, in this round I simply judged the ladies on how they look on the photo and the styling or simply who is the most Photogenic of them all! (my reviews on candidates of this year’s Miss Barbie Universe 2014 does not reflect the judging of their scores)

So let’s begin with my top plum, THE FIERCE GROUP:

Miss Australia- one word, GODDESS! A triple threat for the crown. As I mentioned in my post recently, this girl is the one to beat! She can be crowned right away without a doubt! And you will notice that she is the favorite to win the crown. Well I hate to say this but she is really DAMN Gorgeous!!!

Miss Venezuela- perhaps the best Miss Venezuela ever to compete in Miss Barbie Universe’s History. This lady is also the girl to beat! You can really tell that she is beautiful on her portrait. One of the best faces in the pageant!

Miss Indonesia- the best girl from the Asian Region, a possible winner too! This lady is well prepared and she knows her angle very well. Hands down! She could be the first Asian Miss Barbie Universe. One of my favorites!

Miss Kosovo- OMG!!! The long lost sister of Miss Australia (are they separated at birth? lols). The mole is giving me the Cindy Crawford mad realness!!! This lady is also the girl to beat, she is a heavy favorite to win the crown. (I am hoping for a back to back win) I saw on other’s Hot Picks that she (Miss Kosovo) and Miss Australia are the heavy favorites to win the title of Miss Barbie Universe 2014. So this will be a neck to neck fight!

Miss Costa Rica- Bella!!! This lady deserves to be on the top 5!... Beautiful and bombshell look plus her mole to die for! Again, Cindy Crawford mad realness version 2.0! One of the best ladies on the Latin Region together with Miss Venezuela and Miss Nicaragua.

Miss Israel- argh!!! Love her skin color! 3 words to describe her; Exotic, Fierce and Gorgeous! Another girl to beat! We can only see a black woman to represent Israel in a pageant arena like once in a blue moon, so girls! Watch out for her! The least she could place is top 10! (for now).

Miss Nicaragua- Stunning face!!! Love her lips!!! She screams SEX APPEAL!!! My goodness I love her now!!! With right wardrobes and proper styling she can penetrate top 5 without a doubt!

Miss Spain- BELLA! Bewitching eyes!!! Stunning face! She radiates eleganza aura. I think she should be award the Miss Photogenic! The light hit her face beautifully! Also a top contender for the crown.

So there you have it, my 1st Hot Picks for Miss Barbie Universe 2014! Hope you enjoy it! KUDOS to all the staffs and organizers of MBU for the job well done!!! Love the styling of the ladies in this year’s batch!

PS- (my reviews on candidates of this year’s Miss Barbie Universe 2014 does not reflect the judging of their scores) judging is subjective, and we are entitled to our opinions so pls. do not post any negative comments nor reactions here!!! Love, love, love lang Darla!!! Lols ahihihihihi ♥♥♥
Date: 2014-08-27 23:18:55

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omg they are all so very stunning. Great commentary. Hard to pick a winner.

I think my favorite might be the lady on the left, in the middle with the brown hair and maybe green/hazel eyes? Which Barbie is this? She is beyond stunning.
dolly0101 2015-01-27 23:04:45

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